3 Ways To Overcome Sales Objection

Sales objection. We’ve all been there. You know your product is exactly what your client needs, you can help them, and increase profits for them, but they are not biting. Why?

There could be many reasons for a client saying no. Understanding how to deal with sales objection is the key to overcoming an issue that will always haunt you as a sales person. We’ve put together a small guide with 3 ways you and your sales team can overcome sales objection – and how to turn that lead into a sale.


One of the most effective ways to overcome sales objection is, to be honest with your potential customer or client. Being honest and leaving your potential customer time to consider your services or product are vital. If you have integrity in your product, it will shine through when you talk about it.

A huge tip here is not to promise what you know you can’t deliver, and don’t run down the competition if your potential customer talks about them. Keep things civil and bring it back to why your product is best for them, not just the best in general.

Using an honest an open approach will build up trust between you and your potential new client. This really is the building blocks for a great working relationship.

Unique selling point

While you’re busy being honest about how great your product is, you’ll be enthusiastic about the unique selling points of your products to your potential new customer.

As a great sales person, you’ll already know what makes your product stand out. You know what makes your product or services excellent. You also know how your product or services have helped other clients or customers just like our new lead.

How can your product or service help your new client specifically? Use your knowledge to build a picture for your new client. Show how your services or products can help them personally.

Ask & Listen

This is possibly one of the most vital parts of learning how to overcome sales objection. Asking the right questions, and listening to the answers.

If you’re facing objection your potential new customer will have some concerns about your product or services. Listen to those concerns and do not brush them off out of hand. Once your product has gained some traction, you will find that one client’s concerns might be similar to the next potential new client. You can then pre-empt those worries in your sales pitch.

It’s important to get a clear understanding of the objections your lead has. Try not to ask questions that will encourage them to dwell on the negatives, “why do you feel…”. These types of questions are not helpful to you. Instead, focus on checking your understanding and offering an alternative viewpoint or even a compromise if that’s possible.

Sales objection happens, overcoming it is up to you.

Appearing to empathise with your potential new customer, and putting your product pitch into language they will identify with is the key to turning leads into sales. No two leads are the same. Using these simple tricks will help build the groundwork for a great pitch, good working relationships, and leads that feel nurtured.

Objection happens to even the best of salespeople. Anticipation, honesty, and good listening skills will be a great advantage in beating it.

NB This post was written for a prospective client as an example of copywriting skill.