Website Content Examples

Rail Tour Guide

Rail Tour Guide has been a client of mine for a few months. I was brought on board to turn around a refresh of website content onto a new theme in a short amount of time.

Rail Tour Guide's new website needed to be responsive and strike a good balance between informative and interesting, with enough visuals to break up large bodies of text.

The project is still ongoing but we're making good headway as of February 2020.

Yougo Camping is a collaboration-project, launched in October 2019, between myself and my sister, Fee. We've always loved camping, be it in tents, in caravans, or at reenactment (which is more like bushcrafting sometimes!).

I was toying with the idea of niche websites and playing with passive income streams and decided to give it a try with Yougo Camping! We're busy building up the articles right now, but behind the scenes, the website is built using WordPress using my hosting. It's been really fun so far and we're looking forward to moving onto the next phase: ads and affiliate marketing.

CPC Digital Content

Whilst working at CPC I was heavily involved in a website redevelopment. My input into the project propelled the old and tired website into the modern and functional digital world.

The new website is mobile optimised, fresh, and contemporary.

During my tenure at CPC I was responsible for the social media and Petrest blog content. I thoroughly enjoyed this task as it allowed me to stretch my creativity in a subject I really enjoy.


Professional Makeup Artist

I was approached by a professional makeup artist to design a website for her business. The website needed to be fully mobile optimised, as most of her traffic sources are through mobile, have an easy-to-use blog section, and look elegant and professional.

A particular challenge with this site was to make the professional courses page stand out whilst still being in keeping. We went for a striking dark grey and fuschia pink colour scheme that fitted well with the overall look.

Sabrina also wanted a PDF made of her makeup courses. This needed to have all of the relevant information required, as well as being very visually appealing to a young and affluent audience.