Social Media Content Examples

Finlay Pet Photography

Finlay Pet Photography is a little side-business I've been running on and off since 2018. I love photography and I love animals, it seemed almost obvious to mix them together!

I've worked hard to build an organic audience, concentrating on Instagram first, gaining over 3200 organic followers in just 3 months, without running any ads.

The business is currently on hold as I concentrate on other projects, but I'm still taking bookings every now and again. It keeps me out of mischief at the weekends!

National Trust Jobs

One if my biggest contracts so far has been working with the National Trust, within their recruitment team. My work was solely focussed on the National Trust Jobs brand where I had end-to-end responsibility for the content on all associated social accounts.

This includes developing content for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I also worked on articles for the Our Stories section of the National Trust Jobs website.


I worked with Zoetis during my time at OST Marketing. It was a really great experience, working within a B2B environment of vets, SQPs, and livestock professionals from the UK Sheep, Dairy and Beef industry. One of my accounts was also a specific Vet Support account aimed at companion animal veterinarians rather than large-animal practice.

I am particularly proud to have been part of the #ParasiteWatch campaign which assisted farmers across the country in knowing when to vaccinate their livestock by using the powers of Social Media.

Domino Global Printing

A massive global player in the digital printing industry, Domino used their social media accounts (Twitter and LinkedIn) to harness the power of storytelling. This allowed them to not only share the work they were doing but to also reach out to potential partners and other industry professionals and increase brand awareness.


Felgains specialise in care home equipment and wanted to use social media to connect with a B2B audience in the industry. They wanted to have a down-to-earth and approachable style across both Facebook and Twitter sharing their stories and other industry-related news and innovations.

CPC Cares and Petrest

When I first joined CPC I was tasked with road mapping the immediate and medium-term future of social and digital marketing.

Together with the marketing manager, who I am now fortunate enough to call a dear friend and mentor, we tested and used all appropriate social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), created a weekly blog, a monthly email list, and attended events to increase brand awareness.

A particular challenge with CPC is marketing a product (Pet Cremations) in a very sensitive, honest, and informative way to both the vet industry and to the public who have companion animals.

I am sincerely proud of the work I did with CPC and have remained a big advocate of their continued growth. CPC later cared for my dog when he passed away with the same care and dedication they show to all of their clients. I will be forever thankful to the team!